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Desktop Computer Utility Software
[^] Grisoft AVG - Anti-Virus Software
Everyone should have anti-virus software and Grisoft makes a very good FREE anti-virus program. The free version (AVG) includes both automatic product updates and virus Database updates. Also, includes a important feature, Email scanning.
[^] ISS Internet Security Systems - Desktop Firewall
BlackIce is a stable and easy to operate desktop firewall detection and protection program. It has loads of adjustable features for advance users, while the default configuration is suitable for most. BlackIce allows most novice computer users the ability to install this software without assistance. Another benfit that is worth mention is its great use of memory and processor (when not using the application protection).
[^] MSN Toolbar with POP-UP Blocker
The MSN Toolbar is a web browser tool that appears under the address bar. It's FREE and simple to use. It has many useful features, including a great POP-UP Blocker.
[^] Google Desktop Utility
One of the Internet's greatest Search engines has designed FREE software to help you search your computer. It indexes your online history, email, and your personal documents folder so that you can quickly search and locate files on your computer. As easy to use as google's online search, it will quickly make you wonder how you ever worked without it.
[^] Spybot - Search and Destroy
A FREE software application used to scan your windows computer for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software. It may also detect some virus' and trojans that may reside on your computer. Safer Networking Limited has other free software utilites available on their website.


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